︎   vision boards

︎   i just wanted you to know

︎   boundaries

︎   *law and order dun dun*

︎   untrained amateur
︎   the bridge is the border
︎   upper lower bay 
︎   traces
︎   scope
︎   mask      
︎   votive 
︎   wound
︎   mediated memory



Zoë Fitzpatrick Rogers (b.1994, United Kingdom) is a New York City based interdisciplinary artist, working across traditional folk art methodologies and contemporary socio-political infrastructures. Her practice of researching geological structures of materials and their relation to the logic of late capitalism informs her process of collaging, layering, and redacting speculative ecologies. Through this she transforms the logic of water in the city from a private, fixed entity to a public, collective, active body, and site of ongoing contention. She has recently participated in Woodward Artist Residency (2023), and Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art’s Deep Ecology in the Cognitive Capitalocene and Beyond (2022). Zoe was an Artist in Residence at Birmingham City University (2018-19), and completed her MFA in Fine Art in 2022 at Parsons School of Design.

Send inquiries to: zoefitzr@gmail.com